Boy Scouts of America
Sponsored by Sterling United Methodist Church in Sterling, Virginia
Boy Scouts of America
Coming Trip and Event Information

Hike Old Rag Mountain
November 1, 2014
Meet at SUMC at 7:30AM

Return at 8:00PM
or 703-433-5128
Scoutmaster: John Kinas
Get a general
permission slip and
Health form too.

pdf version of perm
slip and health form

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without them!
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Personal Equipment  List
for Camping Trips

Back Pack or Duffle Bag
Sleeping Gear
Clothes - Pants, shirt,
underwear, socks,
boots, jacket, gloves, hat.
Personal Hygiene Supplies:
toothbrush & paste, comb or
brush, shaving gear, towel &  
soap. Mess Kit / Eating Gear,
Flash Light, Rain Gear,
Scout Book & Pen

Be sure all gear is weather &
temperature appropriate.

Label everything with your
name or initials.

Use zip-loc or clear garbage
bags for water proofing.

Guidelines for
Overnight Events

Guidelines for Back
Packing Meals

Helpful hints on
purchasing high
adventure camping gear